About Us

Agri Tourism India (ATDC) is moving beyond traditional approaches of Tourism by introducing Agriculture Tourism to villagers. Commencing in 2005, in rural Maharashtra, ATDC approach has rapidly spread over the last few years to encompass more than 200 villages, attracting the attention of Farmers and Tourism practitioners in the Country.Beginning with the first trip at Baramati Agri Tourism Trust and thereby expanding it to Agri Tourism Centre in Palshiwadi Village and other 700 centres, it was able to attract 80 Lacs tourists including 5 lakh Foreign guests from around 20 countries. These 700 farmers in Maharashtra were given training and consultancy to start the activity of Agri Tourism on their farms. This boosted their morale to provide better and efficient services to the tourists while naturally putting in extra efforts to increase farm productivity.

At every centre, there has been a motto to maintain an agriculture farm along with ancillary activities. The dairy, poultry and horticulture farms can be seen in certain centres while kite flying, bullock cart ride, tractor ride, temple visit, sugar cane, cashew and other factory visit, local museums, bird watching, experiencing traditional wear, ethnic food, pottery making, harvesting, tilling the soil, playing rural games, knowledge about the crops in the field, organic farming, living in huts and rural style architecture, open to sky beds at night, purchasing farm fresh vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers, purchase of local artisans’ handmade items like bullock carts and Godhadi, night and early morning trail on the hill or local village, bonfire, traditional display of folk songs and art are some of the itinerary points at different centres.

With the advent of this concept, there has been a win-win situation for India, the tourists and the farmers. The tourists enjoy the serene beauty of nature amidst the farmer’s land, they experience the true Indian culture called Agriculture and they can live an entire day like a farmer which helps them understand the toils and hardships in farming as well as the in-depth knowledge the farmer possesses. This eventually builds respect and awe for the farmers in the minds of the tourists and they may begin to use the farm produce and other basic necessities like water judiciously after seeing the vulnerable condition due to lack of these resources. As they can purchase the farm fresh organic produce, they are convinced about the genuineness of the healthy, non-adulterated products best suited for their families. The farmer, on the other hand, benefits due to non-farm source income generation, learns hospitality to make the tourists on his farm feel comfortable. Steady improvement in hygiene conditions can be observed as the farmer cleans his home, tourist huts and his farm to attract more guests. The indulgence of the intermediary agents to sell the farmer’s produce in the market gets eliminated in a considerable manner. Due to this, the farmer’s self-confidence is regained as he can sell directly to the guests at the true cost of this effort and the produce effectively. India, as a whole, witnesses increase in the foreign flow of income in the economy and our Agrarian culture will no longer be depicted as leading to mass poverty in the eyes of the foreign nationals. The primary sector shall join hands with the tertiary one to enhance our GDP and thus shall India consequently move towards being a Developed Nation gradually.

Over the next five years ATDC shall broaden its base to include centres throughout India and serve as an umbrella organisation for all such centres. The facilities provided at each centre shall undergo a positive change and guidance/training programmes shall be implemented with thorough diligence. The primary sector shall be viewed as one employing the most and simultaneously contributing the most which shall thereby change our perspective towards our farmer brothers.

With the only objective of proving the farmers as our Indian assets and thereby bringing a satisfactory smile on every farmer’s face, ATDC, along with the support of the guests and wellwishers, would continue towards its journey of maintaining

Farm in the family and Family in the Farm

Major Milestones for ATDC

2003 – Market Survey for Agri Tourism Concept sample size 2440 in no’s


2009 – buying 25 acre of agriculture land to Start Agri tourism centre for capacity building and training program for farmers

2010 – Establishment of ATDC Pvt Ltd

2010 – NATIONAL TOURISM AWARD – Most Innovative Tourism Product – by the Hands of Vice President of India

2013 – NATIONAL TOURISM AWARD – Most Responsible Tourism Project – by the Hands of President of India

2011 and 2015 – Global Responsible Tourism Award at WTM London

2019 – BUKID LAKBAY AWARD FOR Farm Tourism Development in ASIA – Philippines

2015 – Part of Chief Minister of Maharashtra Delegation team to JAPAN

2020 – Selection as the Member of Maharashtra state committee on Agri and Rural Tourism Development – Government of Maharashtra

2021 – Selection as the member of International Steering Committee of International Agri Tourism Conference at USA – Vermont University

2021 – SHARK TANK INDIA Season 1 participant

2022- Appointed as the Member of Board of Studies in Geography Subject by Mahavir Mahavidyalaya, Maharashtra

2022- Collaborator with National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management, ICAR

2022- SIGNED MOU with Bundelkhand University on World Tourism Day

2022- Participant in Discussion with Hon’ble Meshram Sir in Uttar Pradesh about how agri tourism can be developed and expanded in the State


Awards & Accolades

  1. Recipient, Krushi Sanmaan Award 2022 in the category of Excellence in Agro Tourism by Zee 24 Taas, Zee Media
  2. Recipient, Best Community Run Home-Stays 2021 for Indian Responsible Tourism Award by Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
  3. Recipient, Lakbay Bukid Award 2019, for Development & Promotion of Farm Tourism in Asia, by ISST in collaboration with The Philippine Department of Tourism at 6th Farm Tourism Conference Nov 2019, Cebu, Philippines
  4. Recipient, National Innovative Farmer Award 2018 by Indian Council of Agriculture Research, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India at Krishi Unnati Mela 2018 Indian Agriculture Research Institute New Delhi, March 2018
  5. Recipient, Indian Responsible Tourism Awards for Best Community Run Home-stays by the Hands Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India @Outlook Traveller Responsible Tourism Summit, New Delhi Feb 2018
  6. Recipient, Sustainable Tourism Award 2017, by Young Environmental Forum @ World Tourism Day Conclave Mumbai,27th Sept 2017
  7. Recipient, 50 Most Influential Rural Marketing Professionals of India Award 2017
  8. Recipient, STAR Pravaha Ratn Award 2016, by STAR TV Channel Mumbai, India, April 2016.
  9. Recipient, World Responsible Tourism GOLD Award 2015 by Responsible Travel @ WTM London Nov 2015
  10. Recipient, Sustainable Tourism Award 2014 by SKAL International Spain @ 75th Skal Tourism Congress, Mexico Oct 2014.
  11. Recipient, Skal Special Recognition Tourism Award by SKAL International and Diversey Care @ 75th Skal Tourism Congress, Mexico Oct 2014.
  12. Recipient, National Tourism Award 2012, by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India by the Hands of Hon’ble President of India @ New Delhi, March 2013, for Best Responsible Tourism Project.
  13. Recipient, Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards 2012, by Wild Asia, Malaysia@ ITB Singapore Oct 2012 for Community Engagement & Development & Cultural Preservation.
  14. Recipient, Global, Responsible Tourism Award 2011, by Responsible Travel, London @ WTM London, Nov 2011, for Conservation of Cultural Heritage.
  15. Finalist, Global Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2011, by WTTC London @ Global Tourism Summit May 2011 Las Vegas, USA for Community Benefit Tourism.
  16. Recipient, National Tourism Award 2008-09, by Ministry of Tourism Government of India by the Hands of Vice President of India @ New Delhi, March 2010, for Most Innovative Tourism Product.