Agritourism India

Farmer is our Nation’s pride and Tourist is our Nation’s wealth,
Isn’t it our responsibility to  equally look after their health?
The plight of farmers today is a reason of alarm,
Thus, Agri Tourism believes in 

Farm in the family and Family in the Farm

About Agritourism

Agri Tourism India (ATDC) is moving beyond traditional approaches of Tourism by introducing Agriculture Tourism to villagers. Commencing in 2005, in rural Maharashtra, ATDC approach has rapidly spread over the last few years to encompass more than 200 villages, attracting the attention of Farmers and Tourism practitioners in the Country.



Poem on Agri Tourism


Going back to the roots, fields, hills and no books,
No matter how welldressed you are, the strong winds spoil your looks,
A place no less than Heaven on Earth,
Its solace is priceless yet a million dollar worth!


New born yet a bright future ahead,
Agri Tourism will deliver all that’s promised and said,
Be it culture, religion, festival or tradition,
Its one of its kind, it’s a revolution!


Bhakri, pitla, thecha or chuli varcha varan,
Its relishing flavour adds up to the frolic and fun,
Viti dandu, dori chya udya or zaada la bhandlela zhoka,
It satisfies our soul more than coffee sips and mocha!


Those early morning dew drops on the leaves and grass,
Those late night bhajans and gondhal to entertain the mass,
That sound of cock crowing, bees humming and birds chirping,
That smoke from chulha to heat water for bathing!


Those lazy mornings where no office call hammers the mind,
Those romantic evenings in the fields instead of wine,
Those peaceful nights counting the stars in the sky,
Wondering why all of a sudden you feel so high!


That beautiful smile which lights your face,
Its lost somewhere in the world’s rat race,
Watching the men work in fields, women cook and children play,
It reminds you of the times you were busy with dolls and clay!


2 nights 3 days or packages that suit your need,
It helps us grow into a tree from a seed,
“ Our customer shall be served next to God”
Lets hear the nature’s soul instead of music on I-pod!


Shri Pandurang Taware- India’s Father of Agri Tourism,
Set his best foot forward to accomplish the mission,
Through draughts and famines, water shortage and broken pipelines,
He kept his eyes set on his goals b y following God’s signs!


The vast land spread across miles,
Its delightful vision away from files kept in piles,
You forget your illness, you forget your worries,
The home-maker of your house is relieved from her kitchen and curries!


No 5 star rooms, no fancy decorations,
Yet the hospitality is with utmost adoration,
No thousand employees, no fluent in English staff,
Yet they have native stories to tell to which you can relate or simply cry or laugh!


Its just to help the farmer earn his livelihood,
Does a farmer have a life more than flocks and wood?
Just to release him of his troubles and toils,
To refresh your mood out of balance sheets, medicines and coils!


India will develop, advance and flourish,
Yet we at Agri Tourism, our heritage we shall nourish,
Rustic, pleasant, mystifying and old
The experience shall be weighed equal to gold!


No matter how far we reach, how old we grow,
We all love to eat the fruits of the seeds we sow,
Lets hold hands and work towards Agri Tourism’s teenage
Its just born, lets lead it amicably to old age!


So get your friends, your relatives and even your foes,
For enmity too surrenders to the soul of Earth, before nature it bows,
Lets stand up together, lets welcome each other,
After all we are all a part of the Earth. She’s our Mother!


When the primary sector contributes least to our GDP and tertiary sector the most, why not combine the best of both to ensure an Inclusive Growth! With this aspect in mind, the essence of Tourism was thought of flavouring the basic Agriculture ingredient and thus was born the concept of Agri Tourism.

Shri Pandurang Taware was the brainchild behind this Sustainable thought and his rural childhood background instigated the zeal to get back to his basic roots and help the Pride of India-our farmer, to live an equivalent life of dignity by systematically generating the non- farm income sources.

The Indian farmer is faced with dwindling opportunities to feed himself and his entire family satisfactorily. Thus, his children set out to find work in the urban areas for the entire year or off farming season leading to either educated open unemployment or seasonal unemployment. This leads to disparities in the treatment of these migrated farmers into the urban areas. Aren’t there any solutions to help the farmers increase their income source and standard of living by working in their farm itself? Why fall prey to unsecured temporary jobs in the cities when a Farmer has expert knowledge in permanent farming activities? Why send his children to lead a life of poverty when India’s real richness lies in the lush green farms? These burning questions instilled a fire in Mr Taware’s mind and he set out to provide a solution to decrease these hardships. Though he thought of the idea, the implementation and re-assessment of the goals set couldn’t be achieved solely.

Agri Tourism began its operations by conducting a survey of urban dwellers to infer the number of people who are still attached to their villages in any which way. It was concluded that around 43% of Urban dwellers did not have any relatives residing in the villages or their children had never visited any village so far in India. This widening gap between the rural and urban livelihood encouraged Mr Taware to form a link between Urban dwellers enthusiasm for tourism with the Farmer’s need for Agriculture. Thus began the journey of Agri Tourism on an official platform since 2003. Agri Tourism Development Corporation was established and later ATDC Pvt Ltd was formed to continue delivering the services for which it has been established.

Strategic Plan

 ATDC (Agri Tourism India) Project’s Objectives
  • To develop and promote agricultural tourism (Agri-tourism) as a potential vehicle for diversifying and stabilizing rural economies.
  • Creating jobs, increasing community income, providing a broader market base for local business.
  • Attracting tourists to the rural area, thereby supporting the growth of small tourism industries.
  • Through ATDC’s projects, training and support, farmers benefit from the development of tourism.
  • Tourism income to improve their livelihoods, traditional forms of art and music in rural areas are encouraged and supported.
  • Urban Indians as well as foreign tourists have the opportunity to discover and appreciate Indian agricultural traditions.
 The main goals of the programme are
  • To benefit farmers, local communities, and tourism enterprises through the development of new consumer markets.
  • Increasing awareness of local agricultural products, enhancing understanding of the importance of maintaining agricultural lands.
  • Providing farm family members with opportunities for on-site employment so they do not have to migrate to urban areas.
  • Strengthening the long-term sustainability of small farms.
  • His idea is to provide safe and convenient tourism project options and agriculture supportive opportunities for poor and low-income farmers and households and businesses in rural areas.
  • Rather than relying on traditional approaches of high capital oriented supplementary agriculture businesses like dairy etc, farmers from rural areas can generate additional income and employment from agriculture based Tourism.
  • Conventional Tourism related products like swimming pool, carpets, big Infrastructure is not needed in agriculture Tourism activities


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